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More control in your production labeling

Sistema de inspeção

Maqmundi´s Labeling machines can assist in quality control and maximize your production line, through accessories that allow you to check the quality of the application of the label on the bottle, such as the inspection system.

The inspection system has a camera system connected to a computer that allows the inspection and removal of problem bottles directly on the production line, due to the absence of a label, or in special cases, due to irregular bottle conditions determined by the customer, reducing manual intervention, which pauses and delays production.

The inspection system helps in the labeling process, so that it is faster and faster, with a lower incidence of errors and within quality standards that guarantee customer satisfaction.

An example of the use of the inspection system occurs in the pharmaceutical industry, where it is increasingly necessary to deliver bottles labeled with a high level of accuracy. We recently delivered a model RL4000 equipment with this system, which you can check on the video below:

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