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Multiple solutions in one device

Várias soluções em um só equipamento

Versatility and customization

Maqmundi labeling solutions are versatile and developed according to the needs of each customer in the various product segments served, all to optimize time and maximize labeling on your production line.

Our designs can be tailored to meet needs that go beyond self-adhesive label placement, such as applying a plastic seal, expiry date and end-of-line bottle information and organization.

We bring below, a demonstration of an equipment developed for a customer specialized in canned foods, where our equipment becomes a true complete solution.

Complete canning solution

The developed solution brings our RL3000 labeller added with accessories also produced by Maqmundi, such as the TIJ Digital Dater, Seal Blower and Bottle Accumulator, which together deliver all the labeling needs, leaving the product ready to be boxed.

Solução completa Maqmundi: Rotuladora + Datador + Soprador de Lacres + Acumulador de Frascos

Check out a video below showing excerpts of the use of the equipment on the customer’s line:

Confira o funcionamento da Rotuladora RL3000

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